We are glad that you have chosen to visit our website. The clergy and parishioners of Saint Dominic Chapel reject the changes of Vatican II. They uphold the Roman Catholic Faith by maintaining everything which was taught and done by the Church prior to Vatican II. In order to receive the sacraments here, it is therefore necessary that you attend exclusively the traditional Latin Mass, and avoid the new Mass and reformed sacraments. We invite you to visit us and to take free of charge the booklets entitled Welcome to the Traditional Latin Mass and Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope, which are very informative. These booklets can be found on the counter near the main entrance to the building. Please take them with you and read them thoroughly. If you are contemplating adherence to Catholic Tradition, we invite you to join us for Holy Mass on Sunday and to speak afterwards with the clergy, who would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. We ask only that you refrain from receiving Holy Communion until you have made the decision to attend exclusively the traditional Latin Mass and to avoid the new Mass and reformed sacraments.

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Our Purpose

The apostolate of Saint Dominic Chapel is to provide Catholics throughout the Metro Detroit area with a thoroughly Catholic atmosphere in which to practice the Faith. In order to achieve this purpose, Vatican II and its reforms are firmly rejected as being at variance with the authentic Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Only clergy who have been duly ordained in the traditional rites of the Church are permitted to celebrate Mass, administer the sacraments and preach at Saint Dominic Chapel.

We have learned from a report by Sparatus, that you will not cease hauling in the huts of your compatriots certain tables upon which you celebrate the divine sacrifice of the Mass with the assistance of women whom you describe as commensals (colhospitae) and who, while you are distributing the Eucharist, administer to the people the blood of Christ. This is a novelty, an unprecedented superstition; we are profoundly saddened to witness the resurgence of an abominable sect which had never taken hold in the Gauls; the oriental fathers have dubbed it Pepundienne after Pepundius, author of this schism, who dared to associate women in the service of the altar. Licinius, Metropolitan of Tours; Estochius, Bishop of Angers; and Melaine of Rennes, on the two secular priests Lovocat and Catihern, who went from Great Britain to Brittany, France In our province it would be best to have one mode of holy ceremonies and divine office lest a variety of observances toward a single end should give rise to the belief that our devotions also express differences.

      - Council of Tours (565)